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June 2008

Who's in Your Personal Safety Net?

Have you seen the net under Sam Keen's trapeze in Flight from Death? It makes us wonder if you have your personal safety net set up in case of a "fall." Even within the "enlightened" EBF community, we know we still have a lot of opportunities to practice our own versions of denial.

Judy Pigott, longtime EBF supporter, wants everyone to take a moment for a reality check. Try saying to yourself: "There is a greater than 0% chance I will 'fall' sometime sooner or later, and I recognize that life will bring me the opportunity to benefit from having the support of others I've deliberately chosen..."

Judy and her colleague, Dr. John Gibson, have developed a step-by-step program for setting up such a support network, giving the details in both their book and workbook, titled Personal Safety Nets.

  • Do you have at least three people identified that you could count on if something suddenly made you depend on others?
  • What do these people need to know that they don't already know?
  • Do they know they're part of your network and about each other?

It might take courage to bring up such a topic, but the cost of not doing so is very steep. Even if your personal safety net is well established, you almost certainly know others who could use a hand creating their own.

Taking a healthy break from denial can make a world of difference. Learn more at

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